Lady of the iLab: Rebecca Couture

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I come to Massachusetts from New Hampshire by way of Vermont! I moved to Dedham 3 years ago and have now settled in Attleboro with my husband of 10 years, 2 sons and 2 St Bernard’s! I love Disney, the ocean, and everything about Boston, especially the Pats! Summertime is a favorite of our family of 4 who enjoys trips to the beach, ice cream cones and outdoor movies at Patriot Place. Professionally, I spend my days as an Ophthalmic Technician/Scribe and have been in this field for 11 years.

I Co-Founded Blissfulmamas,a project created in order to shed some light on the positive aspects of being a working mama. Blissfulmamas is a networking community for working mamas with a positive outlook, looking to collaborate with each other on career advancements, job opportunities, managing and organizing family life, without forgetting about the long overdue personal “me” time. Our goal is to act as a positive outreach for working mamas and be a place where working mamas can collaborate, find resources & inspiration all available on the go!

Location: Boston, MA