Lady of The iLab: Kylie Brennan



As a woman in digital advertising who has travelled from Boston to Chicago now back to Boston for my career, I am passionate about inspiring women & innovation while I challenging myself in the meantime.  I graduated with my BSBA in Marketing from Boston University’s School of Management, and went on to build my career in advertising, and take on life’s adventures with my fearless puppy and loyal side kick Remy.

What’s Been Inspiring Kylie?: Lately, the uptick in female-empowering ads and media have been amazing and so encouraging to see.  Coming from an extremely open-minded family and diverse background and college experience, I never realized the need for thought movements and groups like these because I just assumed everyone saw that everyone is equal and should be valued as such.  Once I “grew up” enough to realize that is not the case in the real world, I became inspired and challenged by the opportunity to play my part to encourage and empower women everywhere – because we have kickass ideas and no one should feel otherwise!

Location: Boston, MA