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The Easy New Way To Get Your News Each Morning


How do you get your news fix? In our lives of instant gratification, many of us turn to social media to read Facebook posts or tweets for breaking news coverage. Long gone are… Continue reading

Opinion Writer Slams Sorority Recruitment Video and Calls for Messages of Female Empowerment


Hollywood tends to portray sororities and fraternities with a crazy-wild-party lifestyle. Frat parties, hazing, keg stands, and more—typically a “white America” fantasy college world. The stereotypical jerk frat boy, the bimbo blonde (though… Continue reading

The Instagram of News Is Here, And It’s Way Smarter Than You Think


Last week, Apple announced News, an algorithmically curated news recommendation app, which has been territory well-explored to middling success by services like Flipboard and Zite. As usual, developers and reporters cheered the arrival… Continue reading