Women’s iLab Editorial Process

Welcome to the Women’s iLab team! We are so excited to have you as a contributor.

Our Purpose: 

Women’s iLab Content is a platform for ambitious women (and men!) to build their brand and inspire the next generation of female leaders. Let’s begin building your brand while doing what you love!

Content We Cover: 

We cover all topics related to inspiring and acclerating female leaders from Business and Career, Awareness/Cause, Lifestyle (Arts, Celebrities, Health, Beauty, Media, Travel, etc.), Tech & Startups, and Featured Spotlights. This is by no means an exhaustive list. The sky is the limit and we are always looking for suggestions for new content themes.

Process for Uploading Articles:

  1. Go to our editorial calendar to sign up for articles that you want to write. All articles must be submitted to the editorial calendar before publishing.
  2. Create a WordPress account on www.wordpress.com if you do not already have one. Please be sure to change your display name to your first and last name.
  3. We will send you an invite to join the Women’s iLab WordPress platform, and select to “Join Women’s iLab.”
  4. Log into www.womensilab.com/wp-admin. Select “Login with wordpress.com.” Make sure you are on the Women’s iLab site Dashboard (top left)
  5. To add new post, go to “Posts” on left-hand column, then select “Add New”
  6. Add Title, Article, Media (see below), Link to URLs as needed.  Use “Heading 2” for any subtitles and use “Paragraph” for body of article.  Do not make changes to font
  7. On the right-hand column, select Sharing text for Facebook & Twitter.  This is how your article will publish on social media.  Don’t forget to tag yourself!
  8. On the right-hand column, Select Category of Article and Add tags.  Tags should be keywords that someone would use to find your article
  9. Add your Author Bio and Profile (see below)
  10. IMPORTANT: On the right-hand column, set featured image.  All Women’s iLab articles must have an associated image for the homepage
  11. IMPORTANT: Proof-read! You are in control of your own editing.  Use the spellcheck tool in the editing toolbar
  12. PUBLISH: On the top of right right-hand column, go to “Publish Immediately,” select edit, and select date/time.  The scheduled article date must match the day you signed up for on the editorial calendar. You can select your own publishing time! 

If you are still working on an article, be sure to only SAVE AS DRAFT. It is important that you do not select to “Publish” an article, as it will go live immediately. Save it as a Draft, that way you can schedule it for the right day once complete (see last step above).

If you have any further questions, here is a quick tutorial of uploading content to WordPress, here is a video that will cover the basics.

Uploading Media:

Make sure you upload a photo in its correct size: All images must be at least 600 x 315 pixels.

The most effective articles have images, and all posts have a featured image that will be seen on the homepage when the post goes live. The featured image is one of the images included in the body of the post.   If the images are taken from google or photo pin, please make sure to credit the website you took it from. For example, you can write, “Image from Epicurious.com.”

To add a photo to your post, please see this video tutorial here. You will “add media,” then add a caption.

Creating your Lady of iLab Bio + Adding Your Bio to your Posts:

Creating your Lady of the iLab page is simple and a place for your to build your brand. When in wordpress, click on the pages tab and click “Add New.” From there, you can upload the picture you want as well as the content. Your Bio should be written in the first person.  Link to your past articles by including a link to (www.womensilab.com/author/username). Check out some other Profile Pages so you can get ideas on how it is structured.

At the end of each of your posts, be sure to add “ABOUT THE AUTHOR: YOUR NAME” with your bio, headshot (align right), and a link to past Women’s iLab articles (www.womensilab.com/author/username), your profile page and other social pages/work you are proud of.  See example here for referencing formatting.

We ask that all bios be written in the first person.

Media Partners: 

Women’s iLab contributors have the opportunity to also syndicate their content on leading publishers including Huffington Post, Forbes, The Boston Chamber of Commerce and more. Women’s iLab will submit top performing articles to our publishing partners.

Huffington Post Column

  1. Click Submit a Blog Post
  2. Add the title and change status to “DRAFT”
  3. Copy and paste the article contents into the body and make sure it is formatted correctly! Add links and correct bullet points.  Include different formats for subtitles, etc.
  4. At the end of the post, please be sure to include a picture of the author and About the Author copied and pasted from our website.  The first sentence before the bio should be “Contributor for Women’s iLab: …then follow with the bio.  Please include a link to our website wherever it says Women’s iLab.
  5. Add tags / keywords: Think about search terms.  What search terms would be relevant for this post to come up with on Women’s iLab.  Always include 5-10 different words (i.e. Women, business, networking, innovation, social cause, inspiration, advice, etc.)
  6. Choose a vertical for the article.  This is almost always Women or Business.
  7. Search and select an image that should be associated with the article
  8. Once you are done, select SAVE, then live preview, check to make sure everything looks good!
  9. Once you review, you can select “submit”.  From there, Huffington Post will get back to us within 3-5 days to upload the article!

Time Commitment and Frequency of Posts:

Contributors are in control of their own commitment or frequency.  You can own anything from a daily column to sharing just one or two articles a year.  Sign up for articles in our editorial calendar to set your frequency in advance. Our weekly and bi-weekly contributors also greatly benefit from having a column and consistent voice.