“World’s Ugliest Woman” Beautifully Inspires Others

Imagine being a 25 year old woman, eating whatever you want and never gaining a pound. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well, Lizzie Velasquez, was labeled online as “The World’s Ugliest Woman”, but now she has used all of the negative in her life to inspire her to become a motivational speaker and bullying advocate. Her sense of humor, optimism, and bubbly personality are truly inspirational. Lizzie was born with an extremely rare syndrome that causes her to never gain weight and she has no vision in one eye. She is 1 out of 2 people in the world that have this syndrome and no one really knows what it is. When she was born she wasn’t expected to talk, see, walk or even think on her own.

Today, she travels around the world as an inspirational speaker, graduated college, and has a documentary premiering on demand on September 25th, called “A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story”. Talk about winning against all odds. In her amazing speech at TED Talk in 2013 in Austinfir, Lizzie asked the audience to think about what defines them. For the longest time she said she would wake up and wish she could rub the syndrome off of her so her life could be easier. She said kids in school would look at her like she was a monster. She didn’t want to live a life going down a negative path so she chose the path that would allow her to show people who bullied her what she truly is made of. Lizzie didn’t stop with motivational speaking.

On Tuesday, September 1st, ImWithLizzie.com launched which features information on how to support the first US Anti-Bullying Bill and get the US Congress to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act. On the site you will be able to find Congressperson’s contact information to tell them you are in support of this bill. The Safe Schools Improvement Act asks that the terms “bullying” and “harassment” be added under “violence” in the schools Code of Conduct. It also asks that schools receive funding to keep track of how many instances of bullying there are on an annual basis, that way they are able to see bullying acts in numbers at each school (http://amysmartgirls.com/lizzie-velasquez-a-brave-heart-anti-bullying-bill/) Help support Lizzie and children who are bullied at school by supporting this bill and getting the US Congress to do the same!

Please visit the link here: ImWithLizzie.com and don’t forget to check out her documentary on Sept 25!


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