The Dapper Chicks ‘Suit Up’ in New York

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A new women’s equality group is making waves on social media and gaining notice by the day. Who are they? The Dapper Chicks of New York, or DCNY. Comprised of seven women, DCNY combats inequality by embracing individuality through men’s fashion with terrific style.

Ariam Geffrard is the founder of The Dapper Chicks, and is known as an artist and menswear fashion blogger.

She states, “Dapper Chicks of New York is a project I created to bring a community together. We are uniting to showcase individuality, and style. We are all different chicks, but we do have one common thing that binds us all together. We love fashion. We love men’s fashion.”

The Dapper Chicks website contains an abundance of goodies to search through. There are posts of Ariam Geffrard, who goes by Sara, modeling different outfits with a message from her at the bottom of each entry. She gives fashion advice with each outfit, as well as a dialogue about a certain topic (the most recent post entitled College Lyfe).

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There are also A Dapper Chick’s Top Picks section, monthly interviews, restaurant and drink reviews, and of course – links to their famous Instagram account: @thedapperchicks.

Most recently on the DCNY Instagram, they had each woman define what “dapper” meant to them. Traditionally defined, the word “dapper” means: “(typically of a man) neat and trim in dress, appearance, or bearing.” However, DCNY is taking ownership of the term “dapper” and changing it forever.

One Dapper Chick, Ali Medina, defines dapper as: “For me, dressing ‘dapper’ is building a self-expressive harmony of elements within the composition of an outfit.”

Laura Kanaplue’s definition of dapper is: “…loving who you are without having to explain it to anyone else.”

And dapper, no matter the variation of the word, is what these chicks are. They don classy suits, bow ties, Oxford shoes and button-ups—and look amazing doing it. According to Style.Mic, both men and women are going to DCNY’s Instagram to leave supportive comments and ask for menswear fashion advice.

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Geffrard tells Style.Mic that although men weren’t the audience she thought she was going to reach, she was more than happy and grateful that she could inspire both men and women.

Geffrard closes her discussion of DCNY with:

“Within DCNY, we’ve all experienced that inequality in our respective lives. We’ve encountered it as a group as well with labels and vilifications. We do not wish to be seen as the chicks trying to be dudes because we are not. We want to empower and inspire women to stay true to themselves and follow their dreams. We are standing up for all women around the world to fight for equality.

We are women. We are dapper. We are proud.


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