The Beauty of Female Friendships

asdasdqweI stumbled across this article and found it pretty interesting. It is different celebrities and their take on female friendships. It brought me to thinking how much our female friendships can impact us. Women, typically, by nature are more emotionally driven. We are conversationalists and sharers. These qualities create a sort of bond that completely separates them from the bonds of male friendships.

However, from this, I notice that there are complications. Since we are more in touch with our emotions and share intimate parts of our lives more easily over cheese and wine than a man would, we also trust equally insecure, confused people, who are only human, with our hearts. Since in young adulthood, we are all still learning, sometimes, like in a romantic relationship, we can break those hearts or not handle them as we should. Therefore since our bonds were woven tighter with the threads of our shared feelings, we can also feel more easily disappointed, jealous, or hurt when we don’t think those feelings were dealt with appropriately.

For instance, women tend to feel hurt, left out, betrayed, unsupported or annoyed if they have a friend that didn’t address or handle a situation appropriately in their minds. This is hard to navigate in general as we all handle this differently anyway, but that can create a rift. And though, we are good sharers, we also can brush things under the rug or address them too bluntly that it can also be hurtful and unfortunately, do not often times have the rebound rate that boys miraculously do when they have a friend who has upset them. Healing takes more time for women. (Again this is all generally speaking and based off of my own experiences or witnessing).

Once in a while though, you will have a friend, or two or three if you are lucky, who will be that undeniably supportive, loyal and loving voice that feels more family than friend. I truly believe in quality over quantity in life and know that you are fortunate to find a rare few of these gems. Every type of friendship means something but it’s those ones that you can go to a person feeling completely un-judged and loved, that lift you up.

I believe that your romantic relationship/life partner will ultimately be your best friend, or at least should. You go through things with that person that inexplicably bind you. Who you chose to fill that part of your life will see you at all shades of good and bad, forgive you, love you and live this life with you. However, it takes us a while to get to that person and there are some things that you absolutely need to have on your own and your healthy female friendships will be that. They will be there on the journey of finding that lasting romantic relationship with you, they will guide you and when you look back on your life, those will also be big love stories that you feel grateful for too.

Just remember to prioritize these women in your life once you find them and that all friends have a special place whether it’s to teach you, test you or to try your patience. They all have a special place in your life. The key is to not compare, to be happy for them and to lift each other up rather than bring each other down.

That being said, you need to be a friend to have a friend. Be the kind of friend you would want. Women have a bad habit of putting each other down and we need to change that. I’m first to say that I totally accept that not everyone will like each other or click or be friends. I don’t find that to be realistic. However, act like a woman about it and not a girl.

Now go out and give your friends a hug and let them know how much you appreciate them.



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