Embracing Change Like Colbie

We all must face change in our lives whether we like it or not. It’s inevitable. Embracing change is a gift, and it can lead you to a life of prosperity. Grammy Award-winning singer, Colbie Caillat, is one that embraces change and uses her talent to hint that we should all do the same.

After listening to her new album Gypsy Heart on repeat for the past week, I decided that I wanted to learn more about Colbie and her new album.

Colbie says, “I like change. I have a hard time picking one thing I love.”

It’s true; it is hard to pick one thing that you love because there is so much to love. We are all gypsies in a way. We all love many different things, and are good at more than one. As an artist, Colbie uses her songs to express how she feels about change in her life, and the many stories and emotions that come along with it. It is nice to listen to songs that are actually good for our subconscious rather than hearing “Bend Ova” and “Anaconda” all the time too.

Gypsy Heart sums up the life of Colbie who, in my opinion, is changing the music industry by spreading her lyrics about hope, love, fun and happiness. Just as Pharrell Williams did with his song “Happy.”

Colbie Caillat is embracing change and using it to expand in her song writing abilities, and we should all do the same. What do you love? What makes you happy? How can you express change in a positive way? If we all do this, how would that impact our views on ourselves as well as others?


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