Artwork That Inspires Strength For Abuse Survivors

NYS1When you think of hero do you think of a sports player? A firefighter? Or maybe a soldier? This week, when I think of a hero, I think about the child abuse survivors among us that help keep Boston and our community safe.

A Bravery Celebration was held in Boston this week to celebrate child and adult survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse within Suffolk County. This event included Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh, District Attorney Dan Conley, service providers, lawyers, detectives and victims and their families.

Now You See: Artwork That Inspires

Survivors were awarded with a special photo of their eyes that were taken by Jackie Lamont, the Director of Youth Safety and Outreach at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Jackie was inspired to begin an art exhibit called “Now You See: A Celebration of Courageous Kids”, that anonymously displays stories of child abuse throughout our community to help create awareness and inspire other victims to come forward if something happened to them. It captures the pain and survival of child abuse victims. The goal is simple yet profound: remove the shame from sexual assault and encourage others to come forward (Boston Globe).Now You See

The Survivors

These survivors were diverse in age, color, and gender but all shared the same story- they were brave enough to speak to law enforcement and assist in taking harmful offenders off the street and obtain justice for themselves and others. One survivor that was recognized was brave enough to face a family member in court this week from an incident that happened over 20 years ago. She finally has received the justice she deserved and stated “I finally am able to let that little 13 year old girl free and start to heal”.

“At a young age in the most difficult situation you displayed courage beyond what most of us could even imagine.” Mayor Walsh stated as he addressed all of the survivors and their families (Marty Walsh via Boston Herald)

“The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow” is a statement that Jackie Lamont and everyone involved in the Now You See program truly believe.



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