35 women, 1 story: Cosby accusers unite for NY magazine


Bill Cosby had it all; money, fame, power. Because of his celebrity status he also thought he could get whatever he wanted at any time, including 35 female bodies, dignity, and trust. Power and control are what Bill Cosby wanted, whenever and wherever he pleased. Well, sorry to break it to you Bill but this month’s cover of NY Magazine depicts a photo of all 35 out of 46 sexual assault accusers. Today, they get their voice back and tell the world they survived being sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. Each women is photographed beautifully, looking empowered and strong. There is one empty chair in the photo that depicts women who have not come forward but may gain strength in the future to. Their story is shared, all sounding hauntingly similar; that they met Bill on an occasion, were given a drink, passed out and woke up to him either on top of them or naked in bed. Their  trust in this comedian was completely shattered but the memories of the assault remained and were buried until now. They are not alone and are not afraid to speak the truth anymore.

When I realized that not only wasn’t I the only one, but he did this to many, many women, I felt the need to come forward and help report them because there is strength in numbers (Linda Brown, alleged assault ’69) (Source)

It is very common that sexual assault is unreported or there is delayed disclosure. A lot of Cosby’s accusers waited 30 or more years to finally be able to speak up. Reasons vary, but a lot of why victims do not tell is because they are ashamed, scared no one will believe them, or are not ready to relive the trauma they endured. Someone is sexually assaulted every 107 seconds in the US, but fewer than half of sexual assaults are not reported (NY Mag). This NY magazine cover stands for so much and could help other survivors finally come forward. It sends a message of strength, unity, and resilience, Let’s hope it helps a little bit in more sexual assaults being reported.

I feel more powerful than him. I am no longer afraid (Chelan Lasha, alleged assault ’86) (Source)

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