The Easy New Way To Get Your News Each Morning

How do you get your news fix? In our lives of instant gratification, many of us turn to social media to read Facebook posts or tweets for breaking news coverage. Long gone are the days of sitting in front of the tube after dinner every night to get the news. Often times, we will sift through many stories to get to pieces of interest or will follow the tweet trail for breaking news coverage. If you want to get witty, Cliffs Notes versions of daily current event news pieces, look no further than theSkimm.


theSkimm is a daily newsletter emailed each morning so you can start your day getting caught up on the happenings of the globe. Their mantra: “We read. You Skimm.” The newsletter always begins with a quote of the day, mostly from a news story that occurred the previous day, then moves in to notable news stories and breaking coverage. All of this is discussed in a neutral space and ends with something we need to know for the day, along with the opportunity to enter for a giveaway.

giftFrom theskimm newsletter

If you want to take it a step further, you can become a Skimm’bassador with me. Skimm’bassadors are a community of supports who help spread the word about theSkimm and encourage others to sign up for the newsletter. There are some fun perks too. Receiving Skimm’bassador emails that provide more insight in to the current happenings. This month, we had a conference call with the founding ladies Carly & Danielle about theSkimm’s progress and goals. We have Sip&Skimm events in our cities where Skimm’bassadors gather to network around theSkimm. We just had our first-ever nationwide Sip&Skimm event on the same night!

This is all courtesy of Carly & Danielle, two successful female entrepreneurs that met in college and reconnected years later as colleagues when they decided to utilize their skills to create news content in a non-stiffy fashion. At first glance of the logo, it appears theSkimm is geared towards women. Don’t let that fool you, though: the content applies to everyone. The newsletter helps readers stay informed on current events, but most importantly, it keeps them engaged by providing a straight forward story with a dash of sass and a few chuckles along the way.



I look forward to reading theSkimm every day. The knowledge I gain by reading these story clips allows me to confidently discuss the news with my colleagues and friends. I feel like the master of news by the time I commute to work.

If you want to join me and other faithful Skimm’rs, sign-up here.




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