“A Path Appears”, Blake Lively visits Boston’s Sex Trafficking Victims

PBS now features “A Path Appears”, which is a a three-part documentary highlighting sex trafficking in the US as well as all over the world. In the episode that aired January 26th, Blake Lively got a whole new perspective while visiting Boston and My Life My Choice, which is an organization dedicated to ending sexual exploitation of children. Lively stated, “I have a new perspective of what it means to have your body sold in this country. My Life My Choice is such a powerful organization because it utilizes survivors. We’re not going to save all the children overnight, but these women will raise their children to be more educated, to be more aware. And it breaks the cycle.” Source.

The documentary featured interviews with women and children who fell victim of sex trafficking in the US from Chicago to LA to Boston. One victim said, “All it is is survival, I disconnected myself from the world and this was where I was going to die. But this is not who I am anymore, I am not for sale anymore.”

“A Path Appears” believes in empowering all women so children can have better opportunities in life. Every girl has the power inside to change the world. Through this documentary as well as other outlets, people are starting to gain more awareness about this issue. It not only happens in other countries, but on our own streets in the United States. “The end goal is zero trafficking. We have seen places in the world where it begins to fall off and this is a fight-able battle”

Tune into “A Path Appears” next Monday night on PBS at 10 pm.

Photo from Blake Lively's Instagram.

My Life My Choice Associate Director Audrey Morrisey and My life My Choice Girls with Blake Lively during filming. Photo from Blake Lively’s Instagram.


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