Whats the big deal with Julien Blanc?

Recently the face of 24 year old Julien Blanc has been plastered all over news outlets in the United States and Europe. Why one may ask, for this man has not done much to better the word that he lives in.  Rather, he is s self proclaimed pick-up artist that teaches his methods to other men in various workshops across the globe.

Julien Blanc’s methods have landed he and his practice in turmoil though, for his methods encourage rape, manipulation, harassment and coercion.  His practices, which are features though many youtube videos demonstrate how he forces women by their necks towards his crotch.  Pretty gross if you ask me.


A few weeks ago I wrote an article about catcalling and how it perplexes me.  Julien Blanc perplexes me.  His followers perplex me more.  And the fact that these men who participate in his courses genuinely think that it is going to work.  I cant wrap my head around the fact that these people spend money on these pick-up courses just to be told the most absurd and derogatory methods to “pick-up a chick.” Mostly I feel sad for them, they must live terrible pathetic lives.

Fortunately, his methods prompted Australia to pull his Visa forcing him to leave the country. A few weeks ago, the United Kingdom denied Blanc from receiving a Visa to enter the UK.  This is just the beginning of his ban from countries based on the grounds of sexism, and it is a step forward in the right direction.  There are talks that Canada will also not let him enter based on his practice of open sexism and methods that promote domestic violence.  What is unfortunate is that his is a Californian based out of the pick-up group called Social Dynamics.  It is a shame that he is American based and speaks volumes about how a select population of people in the United States view women and their ability to connect with them.

I just genuinely cannot comprehend how or why someone would think that using disrespect or violence is the way into a woman’s heart and or pants.  Yes, I know we can be confusing . . . “I’m fine” at least half of the the time means “everything is wrong,” but I think that is tragic to think that these practices work.  Its so evil in this most simple terms and quite bluntly scary to imagine.  Julien Blanc has it twisted, and thankfully he is not going unnoticed.  A little bit of a bad boy personality is intriguing and attractive, however there is a strong line between rebel and rapist.


Siobhan BrennanSiobhan Brennan is a senior at Fairfield University pursuing a degree in Communication and Sociology & Anthropology. She had her fifteen minutes of fame in the second grade when I was on the PBS show Arthur . . . and she is still waiting for her big return to stardom (dream big, ladies!!) Nothing gets Siobhan going like a good Instagram filter or a witty and charming twitter hashtag, which is why she believes Social Media is the marketing of the future. Siobhan has been known to crush an entire Netflix series in days, with her record being the entire Game of Thrones series in one week. Her idol since the beginning has been Liz Lemon and in true Liz Lemon fashion, yes, she would ALWAYS prefer to be bought mozzarella sticks than a drink at a bar.
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