Can Nail Polish Protect Us?

1408732671791_Image_galleryImage_Minimum_usage_fee_is_35_MFour college students hailing from North Carolina State University have shined quite the spotlight on date rape this week, but not in the way many would have expected. Their development of a nail polish, Undercover Colors, that changes colors when it comes into contact with common date-rape drugs has started a debate on what the real issues at hand are, and whether or not this is really a good solution to introduce to society.

Does this shift blame to the women, or simply provide one more safety precaution while more over-arching solutions are being sought out?

It is undeniably not the woman’s responsibility to not be drugged and potentially a victim of sexual assault, but is it not within each of our rights to protect ourselves in any way we can? Because a person carries pepper spray, is it their fault if they are still attacked/hurt in any way?

But that being said, does that also make them think they should not be vigilant, aware of their surroundings, and perhaps even learn some self-defense? It is simply an added defense mechanism that may potentially save someone in a situation that is an unfortunate reality: people hurt one another.

Creating a nail polish that can test for date rape drugs isn’t putting blame or responsibility on a woman if something bad happens, but rather giving her an added measure against something that IS, sadly, happening. Because she does or doesn’t wear that nail polish will not change if some creep tries to take advantage of her.

But maybe it can keep some “tries” from becoming “does”, some targets from becoming victims.

downloadPerhaps even, if aware that it is even easier for woman to instantly test a drink, it will deter some of these less-than-desirables who may have been considering doing that in the first place. If they can be instantly accused of trying to drug someone, maybe they will think through their actions and become more accountable. Of course, there is the very real chance that if someone really, truly wants to commit such a crime, they will find a way. But why be against something that makes it that much harder for them?

Is it a solution to ending date rape or an alternative to education and trying to improve our culture? Absolutely not. But why should a woman not take an opportunity, a STEP, to ensure her safety just because it “isn’t a total solution”?

So remember ladies, don’t just take one precaution to keep yourself safe – take every precaution you can. And let’s use this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the issue as a whole, continuing to spread awareness and education.


NNiss HeadshotNicole Niss originally hails from the NYC suburbs. She came to Boston to get her BA in Organizational Communication from Northeastern University, where she fell head over heels for the city of Boston and never left. Now an Account Executive for Streetwise Media (BostInno, Chicago Inno, & InTheCapital), she formerly headed up Field Marketing in the New England Region for OtterBox. She loves getting to help connect such a vibrant entrepreneurial community across industries.

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