#TashiTalk: Five Savvy Tips That Will Change The Way You Business Travel

Having traveled two continents for work over the past year, there are some things I could never leave home without.

As you travel this summer, take a look at some of my essentials:

1. Tripit Pro

The best app to manage your itineraries including plane tickets, hotels, car rentals and a whole host of other things. Spring for the Pro version as it also includes alerts when your plane is delayed which has saved me countless hours in the airport!


2. Mophie Pack

Those that have an iPhone know the feeling: you land and see you have 12% battery left. So the hunt begins for an outlet somewhere..or worse, the phone plugged into the laptop routine as you precariously balance it all while hoping to not get robbed (or maybe that’s just me and my luck in South America..). The Morphie pack is not pretty, but it’s a great way to charge up your phone and keep you going for hours at a time.

mophi pack

3. Expensify

Another great app I use to track all of my expense receipts – on both your phone and the web, it makes inputting your expenses simple, just take a picture of the receipt and it’ll fill out the rest. No longer am I carrying a ziplock bag with hundreds of receipts, I take a picture of everything as soon as I pay and forget about it until the end of the month when I make my expense report.


4. Frederic Fekkai Dry Shampoo

When traveling abroad for work, I never really knew what kind of hotel room I’d end up in..or what the shower situation would be. At one point I once had to crash in a beach front hostel when all the other hotels had already been booked up for a conference – this happened to be in my toiletries and I am forever grateful for it. Comes in a travel size, makes your hair look freshly washed, smells great – plus also good for touchups in between meetings and dinner when you don’t have time to go back to your room.


5.The Lady Wore Black

Not to be a typical New Yorker, but there is a reason why it’s just easier to pack variations of all black. When you’re on the move, it’s easier to transition a black or dark dress from a day of meetings to a client dinner. After years of experimenting, I’ve perfected my travel work wardrobe to a science and only pack things that are black, gray or white. Everything matches, looks polished and few people will notice when you’re wearing the same pair of pants with different tops over the course of a week.



Natasha P HeadshotNatasha Petrukhin is a former corporate attorney. Previously worked at startup ventures, Meeteor, GroupMe, and Yext. Advises entrepreneurs with Socialatom Ventures. In her free time she is an Arrested Development trivia lover who is on a quest to learn Spanish.
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