Dove: The Beauty Legacy a Mother Leaves Behind

In their recent short film Legacy, out of Ogilvy Paris, Dove aims to educate mothers on the effects their low physical self-confidence has on their young daughters.

In the Legacy video, Dove asked five women to write down the things they liked and disliked about their physical appearance. The women’s answers ranged from “big” legs to”wonky” eyes and even as far as “bingo” arms. Dove then asked the daughters of these women the same questions and had the mothers read their daughter’s responses. The answers were remarkably similar.

The disheartened moms began realizing that the same anxieties they had listed about their bodies were already ones they had passed down to their daughters.

“Well, I did say to her I don’t like these things, these body parts of mine, and I think that’s why she probably picked it up,” said one mother.

There is a happy ending however when the daughters point out the things they love about their bodies and fittingly their reasoning is quite similar to their mother’s.

Mother: “Why do you like your legs?”

Daughter: “Because they’re good for running”

Dove’s director of marketing, Jennifer Bremner said it best when she stated “Whether a mother, aunt, coach, teacher, or sister, all women can set a positive example for the next generation by expressing their own beauty with confidence.” Dove is of course leading the way in the online video trend of empowering female self-worth. “Dove has long been dedicated to fostering positive self-esteem in women and girls, and we invite all women to join us in making a difference to the next generation by ensuring their own beauty legacy is a positive one.”

The Legacy video was launched in conjunction with Dove’s full scale #FeelBeautifulFor campaign, run by Mindshare, ahead of their upcoming 5th Annual Self-Esteem Weekend at the UN on October 9th. Check out the hashtag #FeelBeautifulFor to see who women around the world feel beautiful for.

Congrats to Dove on another empowering video campaign and we can’t wait to see other brands follow your very beautiful Legacy.


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