Tired of Traditional Networking? 4 Networking-Disruptor Communities for Millennial Women

913682_506348132754143_1896254649_oNetworking can be a love-hate relationship. Sometimes my level of motivation to attend a networking event is similar to laundry day, part of my weekly checklist of obligatory household chores. Whether your job mandates your attendance, a friend pressures you to go with her so she doesn’t go alone, or it’s an excuse for some free food and drink, it seems the end goal of networking has lost its purpose.

The good news is there are some fantastic groups out there specifically geared for women. These networking communities take the form of not only conventional Meetup groups that feature speaker presentations and panels, but they also mix in social, athletic, and philanthropic events. Meetup.com is a fantastic resource for discovering local groups devoted to a specific interest or topic. However, they aren’t the be-all end-all for women’s networking opportunities. Below are four female dominated communities that are known to disrupt the traditional networking experience.

Levo League – Worldwide, including New York, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Nashville, and Seattle.


About: Levo is a community of professional women seeking advice, inspiration, and the tools needed to succeed. Their website provides resources on mentorship, jobs, and also has a weekly video chat with female leaders in their field, called “Office Hours.” At the heart of Levo League is the offline networking and event platform called Local Levo, which has 28 chapters in cities around the world.

The Fun Stuff: Past events included a Party at Benefit Cosmetics, NetWorkout: Soulcycle Cardio Party, and “Levo Learnings: Financially Fearless” at Local Levo NYC, and in San Francisco a “Quieting the Voice of an Inner Critic” Workshop, Book & Wine Club: #GirlBoss, and a NetWorkout with Barry’s Bootcamp.

Join: Check out the Local Levo page for a list of all chapter locations, members at each location, and upcoming events.


United Women in Business (UWIB) – New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C.


About: From their website, “The United Women in Business Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to the professional development and education for women across all industries. UWIB serves members through educational programming and professional development events, philanthropy opportunities, and special membership events in order to help members excel in their own careers, make lasting connections, and inspire others.”

The Fun Stuff: Past events included a night of volunteering at the Bowery Mission and a young entrepreneurs panel called “Ladies Who Launch” at UWIB NYC, Shop with Intermix and Rooftop Happy Hour at UWIB Chicago, and “Dance Trance” and an Evening at Port City Brewing Company at UWIB DC.

Join: Sign up for free membership and to browse events.


New York Tech Women – New York City


About: NYTech Women started as a Meetup group to bring together women in the technology and startup community. It has since grown to provide more targeted events to it’s members. From their website, “Our events are focused on mentorship, sharing, and education in a social and open environment to help people relax and be themselves.”

The Fun Stuff: NYTech Women hosts a pre-meeting before each monthly NY Tech Meetup. Past events included a “ManicMonday” Social Hour, a “Show & Shine” Party, and a “Make Work Feel Great” celebration.

Join: Sign up for their mailing list for updates and upcoming events.


Elevate Gen-Y – New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles


About: From their website, “Elevate Gen Y offers online programming and live events for women in their 20’s and 30’s that focus on integrating personal and professional development, health and wellness, and philanthropy. From telesummits to workshops, conferences and parties, Elevate Gen Y gives women a truly integrative vehicle to access their vision, embrace their vitality, stand in their aligned and vibrant power, and the impetus to give back.”

Fun Stuff: In addition to their Borrowed Wisdom World Summit, which is a 12 week online interview series, their past NYC events included “Mindfulness Matters” at the NY Zen Center for Contemplative Care, a “Power of Connection” Party, and “Beauty is an Inside Job” at Benefit Cosmetics. Future events include “Finding your Health Naturally” in Los Angeles and “Been There, Done That: Lessons Learned in Corporate America” in San Francisco.

Join: Stay up to date on their website for future events.



IMG_9202Amánda is an entrepreneur based in New York City. She also co-organizes #ArtsTech meetup, which focuses on the intersection of art and technology. One of her greatest passions is world travel: when she’s not home, you’ll find her somewhere in Europe, Asia, or Latin America. She graduated from the George Washington University with a BA in Art History.
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