Rock the Vote: Young but not naïve

Politics are not something that I like discussing, rather a personal belief that doesn’t need to be shared with anyone but myself and the voting booth. However when I saw that Fox News, a conservation news station, discussed how young women should stray from the voting booths come this midterm election period my jaw dropped. What made me even more surprised is that who said this was a woman.

“The Five” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle said that younger women should steer away from the polls because they do not have the same “life experience” as older women. Yes this is true, I am young and yes I do not have the same life experience as a 65 year old women, but I sure have had enough to know where I stand on important issues that will impact my life. With this year’s election some of the major issues at hand regard birth control and reproductive rights, the economy, immigration and most definitely our nations foreign policy, it would be completely irresponsible of myself to ignore what is going around me. However, this is what it seems this Fox News anchor is asking me to do.

As a 21-year-old girl or woman (I still don’t know what category I fit into), it is necessary for me to know what is happening around the globe. Guilfoyle suggests thatI return to where my demographic belongs, on or Tinder. I am not on and I am only on Tinder for entertainment purposes (who isn’t?).  I am aware of the current events happening in the world and it is highly disrespectful to think I care more about Tinder than current events. I read the news everyday, skimming for articles that interest or have a direct impact on myself. Many of the young females my age I know are doing the same thing, we are not illiterate and we are most definitely not naïve. Our nation is at a crossroads, the younger generation aiming for more liberal social practices within our nation such as reproductive rights for women and marriage rights for gays and our generation is at the forefront. We are not one to stay by the wayside and let the world happen around us without giving our input. Whichever path our nation decides to take this election period, I am going to be apart of this living history and because of that I chose to vote.

I want to have a say in deciding whether myself as women will granted full reproductive rights and most importantly the rights to decide what happens to their body. I want to be able to see my gay friends get married to the man or woman who they love. I want to be apart of an economy that is working to lessen the gender pay gap. I want to be apart of a nation with a stable foreign policy, and I most definitely want to be apart of a nation that does not settle for what it knows but progresses with the times. By asking young female voters to not vote, claiming we are too stupid to vote informed, we are not promoting a nation of equality and progression into the modern world but rather a nation of sheep who follow the norm.

In conclusion, I walk away shocked that something this ignorant would come out of a newscaster’s mouth, let alone a newscaster who was once an young female as well.  I am sure that she practiced her right to vote for it is a right that women so dutifully fought for.  The day I turned 18 I filled out my voting papers excited to be able to vote for what and whom I thought would help this country succeed.  Maybe I am inexperienced in life but I am experienced in being a girl and being a girl in the United States, and what matters to me should not be pushed to the side just because I haven’t had my first grey hair yet.  In fifty years, the world I want to inherit should be one I helped to create by exercising my right to vote, not a world that evolved without young female input. . . that is a world I definitely do not want to inherit.


Siobhan BrennanSiobhan Brennan is a senior at Fairfield University pursuing a degree in Communication and Sociology & Anthropology. She had her fifteen minutes of fame in the second grade when I was on the PBS show Arthur . . . and she is still waiting for her big return to stardom (dream big, ladies!!) Nothing gets Siobhan going like a good Instagram filter or a witty and charming twitter hashtag, which is why she believes Social Media is the marketing of the future. Siobhan has been known to crush an entire Netflix series in days, with her record being the entire Game of Thrones series in one week. Her idol since the beginning has been Liz Lemon and in true Liz Lemon fashion, yes, she would ALWAYS prefer to be bought mozzarella sticks than a drink at a bar.
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