Together We Stand: How Do You Complete, Not Compete?

Whether you are a male or female, most of us wish we could own our own business or be the CEO of a large company. For some, this dream comes true and for others it’s just not in the budget right now. As the CEO of a large company, you have many responsibilities regardless of your age, gender, or ethnicity; although controversy arises when you are in the spotlight of the corporate world.

We complete, not compete.

What I have found is that the only business model without this hostility in a large business setting is in network marketing, specifically I have found this with my company Nerium International, a biotech skincare company that develops revolutionary products. When you have an amazing culture in a company that is ran by a brilliant, experienced corporate team, you have a legacy company. Nerium is attracting the most giving, happy people all over the world, and repels the negative; everyone works together. As Founder/CEO of Nerium Jeff Olson says, “We complete, not compete.” When you have that mentality within a company, magic happens.


Thousands of men and womens’ lives as well as their families’ lives have been changed forever in only three years. All of us work together and support each other no matter what your age, gender, or ethnicity is. My personal friend, Aana Camp, who has a goal to help one hundred people earning six figures a year, has been involved with the company for two and a half years, and already has seventy people doing just that. Mariel Filoppone had a goal to retire her husband from road construction, and she reached her goal with Nerium in six months. Anna Woodward, who is also a top earner, said in a recent post, “I was attracted to the idea of working with others and empowering women with a solid business opportunity that they could use to succeed by giving a consistent part-time effort and by following a simple, duplicable system for success,” Woodward says. Last month, she was able to retire her husband who had been working at Microsoft for nineteen years. To read more about Anna, read her feature in Business for Home.

I was attracted to the idea of working with others and empowering women with a solid business opportunity.

There are too many life-changing stories to even count now; husbands retiring wives, wives retiring husbands, sons and daughters retiring parents/grandparents, buying houses for family members, etc……

Nerium International is helping people dream as well as fulfill their dreams, believe in themselves, and give people an opportunity where both men and women can succeed together. We need more companies like Nerium in this world. Imagine what the economy would be like if we all worked together instead of against each other. It all starts with you. What will you do that will help change the course of our lives for the better. How will you complete instead of compete?

Journey on, together.



Steph TeeSteph Tee is a Senior Director at Nerium International, a biotech skincare company that develops revolutionary products. She was a Massachusetts State Champion Waterskier from 2005-2012, UNH Tennis Team Captain, and graduated from UNH with a Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology & Sport Studies in 2012. Steph has been featured in Young Entrepreneur Magazine as well as Success from Home. She loves being involved in the community and runs her own blog called Smile and Shine which showcases companies and people that are doing good in the world and giving back.
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