One Stiletto at a Time

Anna WApparently I have been wrong my entire life. I felt my cheeks start to blush when Anna Wintour, the Editor in Chief of the American Vogue, stated that no outfit should be head-to-toe black. Unfortunately, my closet is about 85% black, a classic staple to my wardrobe.

In this five-minute interview with Anna, done by Vogue, we learn 73 things about this bright lady who has revolutionized the fashion industry since before 1988. Donning her signature sunglasses and he classic bob hair cut Anna is a spectacle of female empowerment. She knows how to handle and carry herself with such a manner where she is respected, feared and most importantly loved by the fashion community. Who could disagree with her love of avocados (also my personal favorite super fruit) or Starbucks (Pumpkin Spice Latte, please)?

You can’t help but chuckle at her description of Brooklyn and her totally over the top attitude that you know wasn’t put on for show. Anna is who she is and people value her for that. She says what she feels, and means what she says, an important quality for women leaders to have. Sometimes I feel as women, we are too afraid of how our words may impact someone else that we don’t express our true thoughts.  This should not be as so!

We need to start looking at Anna Wintour as a role model. Yes, for sure she has made some enemies throughout her career, but look where she is now, a corner office in the middle of New York City… the ultimate goal of many young women out there.

Anna has paved the way for women in fashion and business one stiletto at a time, let’s start looking to this woman as a leader, not just a fashion icon. With style, poise, grace and definitely a little bit (or a lot) of sass we can follow in Anna’s footsteps. Don’t take any grief, ignore that negative Nancy, believe your vision is possible and a corner office is waiting for you.


Siobhan BrennanSiobhan Brennan is a senior at Fairfield University pursuing a degree in Communication and Sociology & Anthropology. She had her fifteen minutes of fame in the second grade when I was on the PBS show Arthur . . . and she is still waiting for her big return to stardom (dream big, ladies!!) Nothing gets Siobhan going like a good Instagram filter or a witty and charming twitter hashtag, which is why she believes Social Media is the marketing of the future. Siobhan has been known to crush an entire Netflix series in days, with her record being the entire Game of Thrones series in one week. Her idol since the beginning has been Liz Lemon and in true Liz Lemon fashion, yes, she would ALWAYS prefer to be bought mozzarella sticks than a drink at a bar.
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