Beach Bum Networking: 5 Tips You Need To Know This Summer #TashiTalk

z-hamptons-1-articlelarge1Summer days are finally here. With long weekends in the Hamptons, picnics in Central Park and happy hours celebrating warm nights happening all around the city, work seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

But don’t get distracted – summer breaks us out of our routine and allows you to meet different circles of people. So as you travel far and wide this summer, here are my 5 best tips for how to approach networking even while being a beach bum.

1. Always Be Friendly And Keep An Open Mind

That person you just sat next to on the train/played beach volleyball with/ passed a drink to at the bar – you never know who they are, be friendly and strike up a conversation, you may make a great new friend…or a new work connection!

2. Taste The Wedding Cake

Weddings aren’t just about seeing your friends get married and witnessing your embarrassing uncle attempt to do the macarena, they’re an opportunity to bring several generations together in one place. That third cousin you have who works at your dream company? Approach her and ask about her work – the challenges and opportunities available in her industry. Afterwards suggest grabbing coffee later that month or following up with a short phone call.

3. “Let’s Do Lunch”

Work usually slows down a bit during the summer – instead of spending your lunch hour looking at cute puppies and reading Buzzfeed, use the free time to refresh your rolodex and set up lunches and drinks with colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. It’s always good to keep tabs on what people are working on – and who knows, maybe you can help them out in some way!

4. Interns, Interns, Interns

Mixed opinions are held regarding the true value of having a summer intern. Don’t under estimate them – become friendly with yours, not only will you get to practice your own management skills with them, but they may be more up-to-date on the current events of your industry, who’s working with whom, etc, information you may not have kept up with over the years. Plus, remember how scared you were during your first internship? Be nice – they may become your boss someday.

5. Do The Bucket List

Use this time to re-evaluate your goals and go after them. Always wanted to start your own blog? Use the lull of summer to start guest bloggng and writing guest articles. Want to get that promotion next fall? As co-workers leave on vacation, ask to help out on some of their projects – this will be a great learning experience and provide an opportunity to show your boss what you’re capable of.



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