#Lifechanging App Review: Unroll.Me

In order for the Ladies of the iLab to keep up with our busy schedules, sometimes we need an extra hand keeping everything on top of everything. We love apps because they create beautiful organization, enhance efficiency, and uncover functions we never imagined possible. However, the average person has downloaded about 60 apps, but only regularly uses 5. What apps are worthwhile investing in?

Women’s iLab is here to bring you the best apps for your innovative lifestyle.

Unroll MeUnroll.Me has brought that sanity to us. In just one click, Unroll.Me helped us subscribe from over 97 email subscriptions we had no idea we even were subscribed to.  Hello happiness.

How does Unroll.Me work?

We all get a ton of emails. Updates from social media, daily deals, and offers from brands. They can overwhelm us pretty quickly. Most sites you visit collect your email and keep marketing to you, making your inbox a mess. You have almost no control. Unroll.me allows you to unsubscribe from the emails you no longer want to receive in just one single click.

Why we love Unroll.Me even more?

Female presence on the corporate leadership team! Lauren Browdy manages the company’s PR because she loves to talk via Email, Phone, Social Media, and especially “IRL.” Hats off to Lauren for showing girls that you can invest in what you love as part of your career.  Women’s iLab is a true believer that integrating passion and interests with your career is critical to finding success both personally and for the company itself.Lauren Bowry, Unroll.Me

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