John Legend Wins MAJOR Points for Empowering Video

Cue the goosebumps!  John Legend has outdone himself and has found a beautiful way to empower women not only with his music, but with his newest music video for You & I.

The Music Industry Is Evolving, And We Love It!

If you asked anyone even a few years ago which industries put the most pressure and unrealistic beauty standards on women, Music Videos and Advertising would be at the top of the list. It seems that lately, artists and advertisers everywhere are genuinely trying to make up for the negative effects that those unattainable standards and messaging have had on young women everywhere. This is so relieving to see, and we hope the trend continues!

Many women would be hard-pressed to say they wouldn’t want this song sung to them at some point in their lives (Chrissy Teigen, you’re a lucky gal). But, this music video goes way beyond the love song itself. It showcases women of all sizes, ages, walks of life, looking at themselves in a mirror. They’re fixing their makeup, hesitatingly trying on clothes, analyzing their bodies, flaws, differences. We’ve all been there.

This video takes an awesome turn around the two-minute mark. These women embrace themselves in that same mirror, look themselves square in the eye and reflect on how happy they are with just being themselves. There is no hesitation, no concern, no second-guessing or over-thinking – just pure happiness with who they are and it’s portrayed in such a real and inspiring way.

This gorgeous video pushes the envelope of music videos everywhere, by any gender or artist, in an industry where female empowerment is scarce to say the least.

And Mr. Legend Isn’t Alone…

In fact, Colbie Caillat recently launched her music video packed with girl power for her song Try. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to grab the makeup remover, go out there, and kick some butt.  Don’t forget to take a few selfies while you’re at it because you’re AMAZING!

John Legend, Colbie Caillat, and the Ladies of the iLab are behind ya 100%.



Kylie Brennan

Kylie Brennan is from the suburbs of Boston, MA currently residing in Chicago, IL and working for Visible Measures.  She graduated with her BSBA in Marketing from Boston University’s School of Management, and went on to join the Client Services team at VMC.  She’s excited to join WiLab in inspiring women & innovation while challenging herself  in the meantime.

Location: Chicago, MA

Sphere of Innovation: Business, Lifestyle, Tech & Startups

What’s Been Inspiring Kylie?: Lately, the uptick in female-empowering ads and media have been amazing and so encouraging to see.  Coming from an extremely open-minded family and diverse background and college experience, I never realized the need for thought movements and groups like these because I just assumed everyone saw that everyone is equal and should be valued as such.  Once I “grew up” enough to realize that is not the case in the real world, I became inspired and challenged by the opportunity to play my part to encourage and empower women everywhere – because we have kickass ideas and no one should feel otherwise!!

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