Celebrating the Most Active Women as Board Members

As you grow in your career, it is important to continue aspiring to grow your own career. It is exciting to see how well represented women are as board members and even more so, they are on multiple boards. Out of the top 10 most active women on boards, all 10 of them are part of more than one board.  Thank you to the San Francisco Business Times for this inspiring chart!

womensboardmembers How do all of these women participate as board members and their full-time day jobs? Is it just that they are super women? We will be interviewing a few prominent women later this month to learn about work-life balance and what are some tips to continue progressing your career when you feel that you are already reaching the height of your career.  For those who are just starting their career or just graduating from business school and looking to enter a new business field, we have a few tips of how to build your network! Top 5 Things To Build Your Network When Starting Out

  1. Be Humble: Regardless how senior or junior your role may be, there is always someone that can teach you something. You should never think that you know everything, because you don’t. Whether it is learning a new business, learning a new industry, or learning how to manage a new team – you become a better employee by knowing and understanding that you will always have something to learn. It is important to be humble. No one likes a know-it-all.
  2. Challenge Yourself: The way to grow is by continuously challenging yourself. Take on new projects that are out of your specialty. Join committees that may make you uncomfortable, but may interest you.
  3. Ask Questions: There are no dumb questions. If you have a question, someone else probably has the same question. People are very receptive to smart question and they want to help you! If you ask a question though, it is important to remember the answer to your question. Ensure it resonates with you and something to remember is that although there are no dumb questions, people do not often like to be asked the same question multiple times.
  4. Find a Mentor: Having a mentor has changed the lives of many successful women. Learning from someone else will help challenge you as an employee, a person and will teach you how to mentor later in your career. A great mentor will teach you things that you won’t even know you should learn, such as where to eat lunch, how to respectfully question more senior members of your team and how to ask for that raise you have been hoping for.
  5. Network Network Network: You can only expand your network by meeting new people! There are women’s networking events, events for your industry and even joining MeetUps are great ways to meet people. As your network grow, your opportunities will grow. The best opportunities often arrive at the most unassuming times.

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