It’s Official: A Woman Will Replace Hamilton on the $10 Bill

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In the past few months, rumors have been buzzing about a woman replacing one of the faces on the United States currency. Some thought it was going to be Harriet Tubman, many thought it would be on the $20 bill, and others were just plain excited about this opportunity for women to be commemorated through history.

To our surprise, the Department of Treasury announced this June that a woman will indeed be replacing a figure on the American currency, but it won’t be the 20 and we don’t know who will hold the new portrait. Instead, Alexander Hamilton is getting kicked off the $10, but yes: a woman will be the portrait of the $10 beginning 2020.

The Department states, “The next generation of currency will revolve around the theme of democracy…[It will include] various design features that celebrate democracy. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lewis has decided that the new $10 note should feature a woman who was a champion for our inclusive democracy and will announce his selection later this year.”

The Treasury Department notes that they are choosing to change the currency in 2020 because it will be the 100-year anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted women the right to vote and participate in our democracy.

The great part about this is that the Department of Treasury will be considering the public’s input in this decision. As of now, the Department states Hamilton will still be honored somewhere on the bill. They are also considering producing two bills. However, the decision on the final design will be worked on within the upcoming years.

The Department of Treasury has included a simple Q&A section about their choice and what will come in the future developments here.

Women on 20s, the campaign that pushed and popularized this change, released a statement acknowledging the loss of Hamilton and also the gain of a changed currency.

Women on 20s stated: “The last few months have been an incredible journey for Women on 20s and we are grateful for the tremendous public support our mission has gathered for ending the male monopoly on the national monument we know as our paper currency. Together we have made an historic impact, bringing important dialogue about valuing the abilities and accomplishments of women to schools, dinner tables, legislative halls, social media forums and editorial outlets…We had no desire to unseat the exemplary Alexander Hamilton, a visionary founding father who designed our monetary system…and while the new design would be unveiled in 2020, the actual bills would not be circulated for several more years after that. Disappointingly, too little, too late for a proper celebration of women and their worth.”

While there has been some backlash about the choice of “demoting Hamilton,” instead of another Founding Father, the official decision is cause for great celebration. While our history celebrates amazing men and women who helped create the United States, there is no denial that men dominate that storyline and memorials. The opportunity for women to appear on the face of currency, something that is in our hands day in and day out, not only celebrates women’s contributions to the country but also celebrates the more welcoming embrace that these same women had been fighting for.

So who do you think should be the portrait of the $10? I think Harriet Tubman is still a personal favorite choice of mine.

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