Women In Tech: It Was Never a Dress


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Last week I wrote about Finding a Job in Tech; this week women in tech are pushing the barrier once again. By now, you are probably one of over 18 million people that have seen software company Axosoft’s #ItWasNeverADress campaign. According to their blog, “The goal is to start a much-needed conversation about the underrepresentation of women in the tech industry and the inequality that exists for women in many spaces. This movement is not intended to criticize anyone; it’s an invitation to open our minds to small shifts in perception that can create major change in the conventional norms that hold us all back.” Although I initially found the updated image humorous, I began to realize that it is an empowering symbol that raises awareness of issues facing women. Not to mention that I agree with Axosoft’s thought that “when we see women differently… we see the world differently!”


Photo from java.dzone.com

Currently, the conversation around women in tech has a consistent presence. Let’s keep the conversation going! Axosoft is encouraging women to Share Your Story: “we all have our own stories. This is the place to share the challenges, indignities, and triumphs of being a woman in any space. Go!” Even if you do not have a story to share or do not feel comfortable doing so, you can still support the campaign. Axosoft is giving away free stickers, providing downloadable bathroom signs, and selling t-shirts.


Photo from java.dzone.com


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