The Missing Tile Syndrome and How to Conquer It.

tile ceiling

Think of a beautifully hand-painted 300 year old tile ceiling. There are golden flowers blooming, a brick castle with a moat around it, horses grazing nearby. As you’re admiring it, your eyes suddenly flash to something that’s just not right.

A missing tile.

After you see the missing tile, you can’t look away.

It’s human nature to focus on the negative. To focus on what went wrong, even if it’s just one tile in a ceiling full of hundreds of tiles. When we focus on the negative, it significantly hinders our work, our well-being, and our happiness.

Here’s a few steps on how to shift your focus back to the positive:

1) Acknowledge it.

When in a tough situation, acknowledge what’s tough. Acknowledge what went wrong.Was it in your control? Was it out of your control?

Once we become self aware, we can put a plan in place to make things right.

2) Force yourself to take a step back.

Think back to when things have gone wrong in the past. How did you get over them? What did you learn as you moved forward? Sure, it may have been awful in the moment, but most likely you moved on and were a keener, wiser person because of it.

3) Write it down.

The power of writing down a goal, task, or anything else is more powerful than we consciously realize. Writing down where you failed and what you did to overcome it will marinate in your subconscious over time. When you encounter another opportunity to focus on the missing tile, your mind will trigger what you did in the past, and enact a plan to move forward to once again focus on the positive, instead of beating yourself up over it.

I originally learned of the Missing Tile Syndrome in Dennis Prager’s Book, Happiness is a Serious Problem, which I highly recommend! Find out more here.


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