Emma Watson Invites Men To End Gender Inequality With #HeForShe

This week, all eyes are on Emma Watson. In her role as the United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador, the 24 year old addressed delivered a moving speech on September 21st launching the HeForShe campaign formally inviting men to join the fight for gender equality.

I only very recently became aware of the HeForShe campaign via a friend’s Facebook post. He shared not only a the link to the site, but also issued a very serious (yet tongue-in-cheek) call for US males to “man up” and throw their support behind the movement. Additionally, he noted that at the time of his post only 9,000 US males had actually signed-up – a ridiculously low number.

Intrigued, I went to the site and began reading. I was struck by not only the breadth of the effort, but by the sheer star power that has begun to show it’s support. Getting involved is easy, and after visiting the HeForShe Facebook page I decided that the very least I could do was create my own written sign and add some small bit to the momentum.

Sitting back and saying you already believe in gender equality is simply not enough

As I was exploring the site, it occurred to be that simply sitting back and saying you already believe in gender equality is simply not enough. (This is the place I feel most men I know currently mentally reside. Something akin to: “I’m not part of the problem, therefore I’m part of the solution.”) My response to that attitude is simple. Sorry, fail. You get no lollipop or pat on the back for doing what you’re already supposed to do. At this stage – at this moment in our modern society, that attitude is simply not enough.

We all (humans – men and women alike), should already be treating everyone with the respect, love, dignity, and the consideration we each deserve. But beyond that, we need to be proactively standing up on a daily basis. Each of us needs to be calling out the inequalities we see in our individual worlds and taking action to fix them – no matter how small or how large the effort might be. Simply put, now is the time for “do-ing”.


To me..[this campaign] is a reminder that two halves are required to complete a whole

To me this is the beauty of the campaign. It is not a solution, it is a spark. It is a reminder that we have a responsibility. It is a reminder that passivity is not a solution. It is a reminder that two halves are required to complete a whole. And it is a reminder that someone who knowingly allows another to commit a “crime” while doing nothing to stop it could be considered an Accessory. It is a serious issue, and it’s high-time we get equally serious about fixing it.


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