A Love-Hate Relationship: Business Travel

The love-hate relationship that everyone faces as a rising professional is the one with travel. At first it is exciting and thrilling to be on the road. You get to see the country, perhaps the world, or even new corn fields in the middle of Wyoming.  Regardless of where you are going, it is new and exhilarating to be entrusted with representing your company in professional meetings. Best of all – you get to stay in those comfy hotel beds, eat a nice steak and wear that crisp new suit that you’ve been dying to wear because it makes you look sleek, but professional.

As you become an expert at folding your suits, placing your shoes in the right way to conserve that precious suitcase space, and learning to travel light, you start to despise those 4am wake-up calls to catch your 6am flight. You begin to find that little things like broken wi-fi can ruin your day.  You no longer have the urge to Instagram the beautiful scenery that you pass on the train.  Your new skill of remembering every client name, where they’re from and what their dog’s name is, does not seem as impressive when every colleague has the same ‘super-power’.


At the end of the day, if you are lucky enough like myself to have found a job that you love, you love everything about your job – even the travel. A few good tips do those novices that I have learned over the years traveling on many trains, buses, planes and cars:

  1. If you are a light sleeper, bring earplugs, everywhere. Sleep is precious and you have no idea when you are sitting in front of a screaming child.
  2. Carry your shoes. Yes – those new pumps look great. I promise it is not worth standing in line for the plane looking that good. Change your shoes in the car on the way to the meeting.
  3. Get a manicure. If you look put together and your nails aren’t done, you aren’t put together. You represent your company and you are building your brand – it is the whole package.
  4. Meet people. I know it gets exhausting and sometimes I sleep the entire 4 hour train to Boston. However, if you have the energy, try talking to those around you. They are most-likely also traveling on business and meeting someone while traveling is some of the best networking I have ever done.
  5. Bring and pen and notebook. As much as technology surrounds every hour of our day, nothing beats the traditional pen and notebook. It will surprise you how often your electronics will have no battery or you’re in a rush, and you just need to jot something down.

With that, you should be all set for your first business trip! Welcome to the working world and happy traveling! Don’t forget to set your alarm clock!

Originally posted 2014-08-06 09:00:49. Republished by Blog Post Promoter