The 8 Self-Assessments You Need to Improve at Work This Year

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We all need to grow — not only to stay engaged in our work but also to keep up with our employers’ changing needs. And this is the perfect time of year to set personal development goals and start making progress on them.

No matter what skills you’d like to improve, it’s important to know where to begin. So we’ve pulled together several of HBR’s best assessments and quizzes to help give you a sense of what you need to work on and how to go about it.

Productivity. Time management is a perennial thorn in most managers’ sides. How can you possibly get everything done with not enough hours in the day? A lot of the advice out there presumes that one size fits all. But in fact, your cognitive style — that is, the way you prefer to perceive and process information — can have a dramatic impact on how you manage your time. So before you try out a new program or app, take this assessment to understand your own style and discover productivity tips that like-minded people have found most effective. Then, if you want more information on the different styles, read this article.

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