It’s a (Wo)man’s World Music Artist Feature: Njeda Reddd Foxxx

Each month, I will feature a talented female music artist who is not very well-known in the music industry. Although we have women like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift dominating the Top 40 charts, the rest of the industry is still very male dominated. This series is meant to highlight the ladies who are killing it because they are talented, beautiful, dedicated, passionate, and able to rock a crowd. If you have an artist you’d like to see highlighted, please mention them in the comments!



Njeda Reddd Foxxx


One of the benefits of having friends who are also knowledgeable about music and know your taste is they can introduce you to artists you have never heard of before and know you will like. As recently as a couple of years ago, my friends and I have kept a Dropbox folder full of newly discovered music up-to-date at all times so we can share what we found with each other. I won’t comment on the legality of all the files uploaded, but luckily for us, electronic musicians tend to release tracks for free. As we all got busier with our jobs and other adult responsibilities, the upkeep of this folder eventually faded. However, that hasn’t kept us from sharing Soundcloud links with each other via chat, text, or email if we find the next big thing. This is how I found Njeda Reddd Foxxx.

A couple weeks ago, as I was getting into a Lyft to go to a friend’s holiday party, I get a text message from my friend Eddie Pug with a Soundcloud link to NRF’s track Dominos. After trying to find my headphones (which I forgot to bring) and asking the driver for an aux cable (which he didn’t have), I resigned to listening to it the day after since playing music out loud on your phone is a no-no and if you enjoy music at all you will never do it unless you’re just looking for some background noise. Then the driver said the magical words ‘I have Bluetooth’ and it was on.

I put on the track when we were 10 minutes away from my friend’s place, which gave me time to play it twice. The driver and I head nodded our way to the destination along with NRF’s sick flow. This lady can spit bars with the best of them. There hasn’t been any activity on her Soundcloud since 2 years ago, and her Twitter hasn’t seen any activity since July, but Diplo seems to be a follower, and that man always knows what’s coming next in the music world. Wikipedia seems to suggest NRF will release her first full-length album soon, so until then, check out her past work.



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