How to Beat Insomnia

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We’ve all been there. Those awful nights where you feel the exhaustion of your body yet your brain just won’t shut off. The nights where your pillows and sheets are tangled up in a mess of your efforts to get comfortable and you are on the verge of tears due to frustration alone.

Yup. Awful.

Well insomnia is a common issue many people face and while I am no expert, I do know a few ways that I have learned to wind down before bedtime that have made my eyelids heavy and sent me off into REM bliss. So follow this advice to catch those Z’s and say Arriverederci to the sheep!


Practice what I preach. I know I should and this one is hard to commit to but sheesh, every time I do meditate, I’m in sucha wonderfully zen place. Who hasn’t been in the end of the yoga class and literally been on the verge of conking out? One way to beat insomnia is to for sure bring a little bit of that atmosphere and practice into your life at home. So grab a mat, lay down, focus on your breathe and practice gratitude.

Stop drinking water by 8 PM

Water is so good for you, we all know this but water past 8 PM  often means tinkle mania throughout the night. Though this ranges for most people, especially if you are a late dinner eater (which I am not) but either way, cut the liquids so your poor little bladder won’t have to wake you up for your deep sleep at night.


The relaxing hum and the coolness it creates lull me to sleep every time. I love it.

Shower before bed

I have always been a night time shower taker for two reasons. 1. I have curly hair and am horrendous at waking up in the morning so I like to get the lock taming squared away at night and 2. I love getting into CLEAN sheets with a CLEAN body. I hate sleeping in the grime and dirt of the day. Gross. So if you soak your body in some hot water before bed, it opens those pours and instantly relaxes you. I love it.


The more I exercise, the more exhausted I feel come the end of the day. Between work and working out, my brain and body are over it and sleep just naturally creeps in.


Obviously not decaffeinated and obviously according to my advice above, earlier in the evening is advised but sipping on tea is such a relaxing thing. Not to mention it is good for you and your insides.

Breath Deeply

Breathing seems to kill fear, stress, pain and of course, insomnia. I have to admit I have had an anxiety attack or two in the past and when I started to get a hold of my breathing again I am amazed on how much better my whole body feels. That memory is my sole reminder on how important and balancing the breath is and sometimes it’s all you need to mellow out.


I’ve said it many times how much of an advocate I am for reading and though there are some amazing books out there, I still have moments of my eyes slowly drooping. It’s like the calm activity is one of the best ways to get into the necessary relaxed state for a good nights sleep.

Invest in good bedding/mattress

The older I get, the more I am all about quality and definitely quality over quantity. Invest in pillows, mattresses and bedding that will maximize the quality of your sleep. Take into consideration if you have a bad back or neck problems or what sheets make you feel best or if you have any allergies to things like down comforters. We spend a third of our lives in bed and probabaly more now with Netflix so get on it people! ;o)

Turn electronics off

I turn the sound off and keep my phone charging away from me. It’s my best bet to not get distracted. Also that gross, fake computer light just KILLS my eyes. I loathe it. So a break from that is always wonderful.

Oils and lotions

My sister has gotten me into essential oils and I have to say, they are little liquid miracle workers. The aromatherapy is relaxing and seems to help melt any stressors or anxieties away. I love it. Lavender is always a great go-to scent.

Don’t go to bed angry

Make your peace, say I love you and focus that tomorrow is a brand new day.



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