Want to Throw the Best Halloween Party? Here’s How

Photo from lovethispic.com

Photo from lovethispic.com

I always know Halloween is around the corner when I see the fresh bag of candy corn on the kitchen table—my mother’s favorite.

Halloween has actually always been my mother’s favorite holiday too, for as long as I could remember. Growing up, our house was where my mother would host her famous Halloween parties. Everyone had to arrive in costume, the house was decorated perfectly, and even as a kid I could appreciate how much fun everyone was having.

Since then, I have enjoyed countless Halloween parties with my family and friends. Here are 5 ways you could throw the best Halloween party this year:

Decorations are number one

One of the reasons my mom’s Halloween parties were so awesome was the intricate decoration in the house. When throwing your Halloween party this year, definitely take into consideration how you’re going to decorate the house and plan in advance. You could decorate your house with the traditional ghouls, ghosts, and cobwebs. That is always wonderful and traditional. Or you could spice it up. Pick a theme. Masquerade? Frankenstein’s castle? A pirate-ship theme? Sometimes just having one specific theme for your decorations can make your party more memorable.

Photo from thewellesbourne.com

Photo from thewellesbourne.com

A Halloween Cocktail Bar

Halloween Cocktails are by far the most fun to make. Of course, you have your famous Pumpkin Spice Halloween Punch or you could make some Zombie Slime Shooters. I would decorate a spooky bar, have one designated bartender for the evening, and make sure they know how to make these great cocktails. For specific ideas and recipes, you can find them here.

Costumes, duh

I’ll stick with my mother’s rule: everyone must be dressed in costume! Make this a rule in your Halloween party invites. You could also make it a theme, much like your party decorations. Superhero, villains, pirates, etc. But I personally like the excitement of seeing what people come dressed up as. If people show up without a costume—tsk, tsk—maybe have an emergency bag of silly things people can don. A witch’s hat, stethoscope, or cat ears are simple, cheap, and easy for a quick costume fix.

Photo from dinner series.com

Photo from dinner series.com

A Candy Bar

Make this elaborate and just as awesome as your Halloween Cocktail bar. Just like your bar full of fun cocktails, have a table filled with all sorts of candy. Have the traditional assortment and also get creative. Any cakes, cupcakes, or anything else should be on this table. Make sure you include creepy snacks as well. Food that looks like eyeballs, fingers, galore. Channel your inner kid for these ideas. It will look impressive and slightly overwhelming, which is good. Halloween should be overwhelming with its candy! Add some of those decorations to tie it into the surroundings. It’ll be a winner.

The Soundtrack

The sound will, of course, tie everyone in. I would mix the spooky soundtrack with some hits to keep the party going—if you want to have dancing—but spooky is best. If you’re looking for some ideas, you can find them here. Also consider getting a DJ, depending on how large you want this party to be, alongside your bartender (or maybe they could do both!).

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