The 3 Main Differences Between Lifestyle Businesses and Startups

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A business is a business, right? Wrong! Businesses can take on many forms, but of late, the most popular are Startups and Lifestyle Businesses. This article delves into the three main differences between the two.

#1 – A Lifestyle business is an organization that is self-sustaining and can garner revenues from the jump. Startups on the other hand, do not offer immediate benefits and can be quite costly on the frontend.

#2 – Startups have a very high chance of failure and are riskier than Lifestyle Businesses. Startups require lots of attention, research, and development, and they need time to grow to provide the ROI desired.

#3 – Lifestyle businesses allow the founders/owners to live the lifestyle they want to live while running the company. And they allow the owner to call the shots. Whether they want to run a multi-million dollar company or just generate six-figures, it’s totally up to the ower.

There have been both successful Startups AND Lifestyle Businesses. The best thing to do before deciding whether you want to start a Lifestyle Business or Startup is to do your homework.

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