Tips for Boston Women in Business with Big Ideas

What are the barriers facing women in Boston’s innovation ecosystem? How can you best pitch your ideas? And what are the keys to success?

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These questions were discussed at the September 16 Women’s Network Breakfast in Boston, featuring three of Boston’s most successful venture capitalists – Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Senior Associate, .406 Ventures; Maia Heymann, Senior Managing Director, CommonAngels Ventures; and Rudina Seseri, Partner, Fairhaven Capital.

The takeaways from these amazing panelists:

The climate: Women & venture capital
–  Only 6 percent of partners in venture capital firms are women
–  3 percent of VC funds go towards women
–  There are only 5 VC partners in #Boston

Overcoming Barriers: How women can best pitch VC’s
–  “It’s much less about the idea. It’s more about the execution” – Rudina Seseri
–  “Figure out how to be exceptional at whatever you’re doing to get noticed – Maia Heymann
–  “There is some bias here. Having more female partners in the room will make a difference” – Rudina Seseri
–  “Aim high on your value; don’t fret over that last tenth decimal” – Rudina Seseri

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