Three Must Have Outfits for a Professional Convention

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It is that time of the year: one of your favorite work conventions is finally here. It is half way across the country and in a city you have longed to visit pretty much all of your life. You are ready to hear the speeches, attend the workshops, and mingle at the mixers.

While you are definitely attending the convention to take in all you can so that you can show your boss and fellow employees all that you have learned, remember that you still have to dress the part. This is a time for you to make great connections and network and that means looking professional and put together enough for people to want to give you their card (and take yours).

So here are three must have outfits for your next convention.

Power Dress

Yes you need to have one of these. They are very feminine and can be worn in so many ways. A power dress is usually a nice sheath and can be in a vivid solid color like red or blue.


This is a no-brainer, I know, but update it. Instead of just a traditional color like navy or black, go for a mix, like a khaki shirt and a subtle print jacket/ blazer. Couple it with some great pumps either black or nude and you have a winner

Tailored Slacks

Next to having a great suit, it is important to have a great pair of tailored pants. They can go with anything including a blazer or unique blouse. The pants should be near perfectly fitted when worn. They make for a great centerpiece because you can never really go wrong with a pair of killer slacks.

These are the basics. Of course you should incorporate your own style and as always, make it you.

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