GF GIRL NEXT DOOR: Workout Time is Me Time

If you’re like me and workout multiple times a week, you can sometimes lose sight of what working out actually means to you. Going through the daily motions can make your workout boring, so it’s important to keep in mind that at the end of the day, you should be working out for you; every class you take, every burpee you do, every hill you climb, every weight you lift should be for you. We of course run races for charity and dedicate walks to someone special, but your everyday workouts are your time; I’m encouraging you to enjoy a little me time.

I’m probably going to sound a little selfish when I say this, but my workout time is definitely my me time. And I don’t mean that I like to workout alone, I actually prefer to be in a group setting, but I am a little selfish in the fact that I need to get my workout in. Whether that means going to bed a little early, or going to a spin class instead of going for a drink. Working out is a big priority for me, and I want to make sure I’m doing this for myself. It also helps that I have friends who are passionate about working out too!

I recently started taking spin classes at Tread in Reading and during one of our rides, the instructor Lori Haverty said “Take these next three minutes for yourself, give it all that you’ve got. Dedicate these next three minutes to you.” And it got me thinking, working out really is something that you need to do for yourself. Yes we workout to get a nice butt, yes we workout to tone our abs and arms, but overall, we workout for ourselves. We workout to make ourselves happy and to make ourselves feel like we’ve accomplished something.


Lori and the other instructors are amazing; my Mom has taken classes with Lori and now I’m extremely excited to be able to start taking classes at her new studio. When I start at a new place, I always look for a sense of community. We are all there for the same reasons (most likely!), and should encourage each other. This is that place. You’ve been working your butt off, so reward yourself with a great ride.


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