Trendy on a Budget: Flip It & Reverse It

Bauble Bar_Loft_H&M_Mansur Gavriel_Banana Republic_cover

Jeans Day is in full force across the company and it still gets me every time. For whatever reason, wearing jeans is a total mood changer. Everyone seems to walk with a little more pep in their step. But why is it, that when we hear Jeans Day, we automatically slip on a pair of denim pants? I decided to switch it up a bit and do something different. I know, I’m such an (office) rebel.

TA-DA! A chambray. Oh yeah, totally spicing things up 🙂 But in all honesty, this is a no-brainer outfit comprised of what I’d like to refer to as ‘classic staples’. Each piece can be rotated through any closet. You’ve seen my chambray a bazillion times on this blog. It can be worn with pretty much anything and in any which way: buttoned up, tied up, as a cover up or tucked in. I decided to go with the latter for this go round. And since I said good riddance to jeans, it was a midi skirt for me. Much like the chambray, this midi can take on many lives. The first time I wore it was to a wedding. But it can easily take a casual spin with a T and a pair of fun kicks. But for work, I grabbed my latest go-to nude pumps. These are a MUST for you closet. Not only do they pair well with (wait for it…..) everything, it creates the illusion of longer gams. And for a shorty like me, I’ll take it, even if it is temporary.

So dish. What’s your closet staple?

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