Teen Workers as Support Staff for Startup. Good or Bad Idea?

Photo from greenhostit.com

Photo from greenhostit.com

As with all things in life, hiring teen workers as support staff for a startup has a certain polarity. One the one hand, you want and embrace the young, new, fresh ideas teens can bring to the table and on the other hand, you have to understand that you are working with a young adult who may not have matured as much as you would like. So, is hiring a teen as part of your support staff for your startup a good or bad idea?

The previous question is one that will totally depend upon the needs of your company. With these two sides of the coin you have to consider what would be best for your startup.

Good Idea
Hiring a teen can save you a ton of dough. Most are full of energy and are eager to please. This can be a win-win for you because you will be helping to instill a sense of responsibility and they will be learning skills they can utilize later in life.

Bad Idea
Is your startup something the teen is really interested in? If not, then expect them to not do too much of anything. Teens generally gravitate to what interests them, so it is important to keep them busy and engaged, otherwise, you’ll spend your day wondering where they went.

Ultimately, hiring a teen is not a bad idea. You must do your homework and interview them thoroughly so you will know up front if they will be a good match for your startup.

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