10 Ways to Beat Workplace Stress


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Anxiety can be common in the work place. There are deadlines to consider, varying personalities to deal with and a never endng to-do list that grows regularly. It is important to be efficient and do your best work but the balance on maintaining our mental health during stressful professional situations can be a bit of an art form.
We are not machines, we are people with emotions and different skills. Our goal is to offer the best of those skills to the companies we work for but our basic human instincts and needs can get in the way. There are a few practices I do weekly to maintain a healthy perspective that keeps that overwhelming feeling in check whenever I feel that familiar, anxious pressure creep up.
  • Take lunch outside of the office
We spend so many hours in our offices or cubicles, it’s important to have different scenery throughout the day. Lunch is usually our only opportunity to do this so take advantage of that! Try a new eatery or restaurant, sit in a local park, or even utilize that time to run an errand. Whatever you choose, just leave during that one precious hour and you will find that it will break up the day and allow your stress levels to even themselves out.
  • Plan a midday break with coworkers
Grab coffee together, get frozen yogurt or even take a quick couple block walk. These little rituals allow you time to chat with the people you spend so much time with and get to know them on a more relatable level. Of course there are boundaries and every person and company is different but ensuring that you develop some sort of healthy relationship with your coworkers only contributes to the success of a company and sometimes even your own personal success at work as we all need help sometimes. Also, when you like the company you keep at work, it can make it seem a lot more fun, taking away stress in itself.
  • Breathe
Deep breathes are a golden skill. Learn to breath through the stress. Use your diaphragm and let your body relax each time you exhale. This is a phenomenally relaxing tactic.
  • Use color

Buy some colored pencils, stickers or gel pens and spruce up your notes, calendar and to-do list. I find that this visually pleasing tidbit instantly relaxes me and puts all of the overwhelming tasks into place so once I feel anxiety or stress, I am better organized and can more easily pick up my pace.

  • Posture
Sit up straight! You breathe better, you look better, your neck and back will thank you and it will take tension out of your muscles that can cause aches and pains, only contributing further to any stress.
  • Drink water and have snacks on hand
Keep dehydration and hanger out of your scenario as much as possible. Those two basic human needs are often times the easiest of solutions.
  • Take a midday stroll

There are articles everywhere as of late discussing how unhealthy it is to be sitting the majority of our day. Take your break and go for a walk or whenever you have a chance to walk around the office to talk to a colleague, take it. Your body will thank you!

  • Stretch

When I give myself a long, good stretch, I can feel the stiffness and aches practically leaving my body. It’s rejuvenating and with all the typing and sitting still being done at work, loosening up can take anxiety out of the equation.

  • Laugh
Make sure to have a sense of humor. Work is serious and should be taken as so but sometimes keeping things light and making sure to giggle will release endorphins, destroy stress and creating an all around better environment and culture. If you just can’t get away with that at work, take a quick break and call a friend who you can share a laugh with, or Google a good joke. Humor is the best cure.



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