Ambitious Women Deserve Our Praise, Not Our Disdain

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No one with ambition has come under fire more than Hillary Clinton. As early as 2006, a survey by The New York Observer found a “virtual cottage industry” of anti-Clinton literature. Her political career, especially her bid for the 2016 presidency, has only increased the verbal assaults. One such diatribe is a recent statement from Carly Fiorina, herself seeking the GOP nomination for president, that Hillary’s ambition ‘far outweighs her ability to be an effective leader’.

Hillary’s accomplishments are many. She was the first female partner in a law firm, an influential first lady, the first female senator from New York, a notable Secretary of State, and a consistent advocate for women’s rights and human rights. A polarizing figure in American politics, she is, however, most chastised for being ambitious.

Ambitious women deserve our praise, not our disdain. They possess the drive and tenacity to step up despite personal and professional obstacles. And while we may not agree with their mission, support their politics, or share their values, we should applaud their persistence. For ambitious women, like their male counterparts, have a powerful impact on the world.

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