Keeping Kindness Professional in the Start Up Scene


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When getting started with your business, sometimes you over compensate for the sake of building clientele and partnerships. This is not always a bad thing because you do have to “pay it forward” in the beginning of a start up, especially when it is just you and funds are low.

While it is a good idea to be kind and giving, sometimes people can take advantage of that in a way that under mines who you are and your business’ progress. It can be tempting to let things go, but there are some important reasons why you should not let someone take your kindness for weakness.

Establish A Precedent

People need to know that you mean business and that you are not willing to sell yourself short. Don’t’ think for one minute you are gaining the respect of a client or partner by letting them walk over you just so you can keep them on your side. Your dignity is far more important than someone’s feelings.

Word Travels

When you are too generous, you become more known for your kindness or how easy you are to haggle with. People talk so you want to make sure that what they are telling potential clients about you is not how to get what they want out of you but how much you have to offer their business.

Strengthen Your Resolve

When you understand that you don’t have to be overly kind to get the business you want and deserve, you will be more incline to act with boldness and confidence. There is nothing wrong with having discounted services in the beginning, but you have to know when to start charging for what you are worth.

Kindness is a corner stone in being a good person and good people start business everyday. Good people also close failed businesses every day because they never got how to break a cycle. Learn to have balance as a start up founder and you will be just fine.

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