Crafting Your #GirlBoss Elevator Pitch

Crafting Your #GirlBoss Elevator Pitch

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One of the hardest questions that I received during my business school interviews was, “You have 60 seconds to sell yourself to the Admissions Committee. Go.”

Let’s be honest, “elevator pitches” are awkward and unnatural. Even so, they are powerful and can open up multiple doors of opportunity. Whether you are interviewing for a spot at a business school, applying to a new job, or just trying to make a connection with someone who can provide you with an experience, a great elevator pitch can certainly help get you to where you want to go.

So how can YOU create an elevator pitch that shows your true inner #GirlBoss?

When introducing yourself, be descriptive, but concise.

No one wants to listen to a laundry list of your skills and accomplishments – that’s what your resume is for. Instead, describe what it is that you do while highlighting your passions and the kind of impact that you’ve made. Let’s look at an example:

“I’m a Strategy & Operations Senior Consultant within the Healthcare Provider practice of Deloitte Consulting, I graduated from U.C. San Diego with a B.S. in Management Science with Provosts’ Honors, I’ve worked on Healthcare Provider and Health Plan projects, I led a Direct Hire Consultant program in the Deloitte San Francisco office, I founded a lifestyle blog called Strum Simmer Sip, I am the co-founder of the Young Professionals Network at Music in Schools Today, oh! And I’m really good at Microsoft Access.” *Queue eye-roll.* If someone blurted out all of this to me within 30 seconds, I would probably wish that they would just go away!

But by picking a few key points, and focusing on your passion and impact, you will more easily grab someone’s attention.

“I work in Strategy & Operations at Deloitte and am passionate about working with others to improve healthcare across all aspects of the industry. I’ve partnered with my clients on operational redesign projects and IT implementations and I also have a lifestyle blog for fun, where I write about food and music.”

This is not only much easier to digest, but also it hints at the type of value that I can provide.

Think about what is it that makes you remember people.

Sure, you might remember someone because of their baller stats or impressive accomplishments, but more often than not, it’s similarities that help you remember someone. Whether you share a professional connection (e.g. you both work at the same company or are passionate about a certain facet of an industry) or a personal passion (e.g. you both are dog lovers, or enjoy sushi), try to find a common ground so that your conversation is memorable.

Remember, finding something in common with someone should come naturally through conversation. Make sure that you are being relatable and tailoring your elevator pitch to your audience.

End with action.

Now that you’ve shared your passions, values, and impact while having an authentic conversation, you are ready to wrap things up like a true #girlboss! Before shaking hands and saying farewell, set a foundation for building a relationship going forward. Hand over your business card, propose coffee, or ask if you can follow up with a meeting to learn more about XYZ. Not only will they be impressed by your initiative, but it puts the ball in your court to open up that door of opportunity.


Lisa FollmuthI am the founder and author of Strum Simmer Sip – a lifestyle blog dedicated to those who share a penchant for great food, music, and life experiences. A foodie and musician myself, my goal is to help inspire others to live healthy, productive, and positive lives. A California native at heart, I was born and raised in Long Beach and educated at UC San Diego. After receiving my undergraduate degree in Management Science, I moved to San Francisco to launch my professional career in healthcare consulting at Deloitte Consulting, LLP. Currently, I am pursuing a full-time MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

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