Katy Perry Embraces Being a Boss & Encourages Women to Do The Same


Photo from www.forbes.com

Many people perceived Katy Perry’s embrace over her current cover of Forbes Magazine as flaunting her success. If you worked your behind off to achieve your goals and attain a level of success you strive for, wouldn’t you do the same? Often times, women refrain from sharing their victories to avoid coming across as catty or bossy, when in reality, we are making significant strides and accomplishments that should be shared with others. Although we are not acquiring the title of highest paid superstar of 2015, we are superstars in our own right.


Photo from www.forbes.com

We work hard to accomplish our goals and very rarely take the time to pat ourselves on the back before moving on to the next task. As a community of women, we really need to support each other and celebrate victories and milestones when they occur, rather than limiting our impact to save face. We can all take some notes from Katy. Not only is she proud (which is well-deserved, I might add), she also took to social media to use this opportunity to inspire other women:


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