Zoe Saldana’s Husband Takes Her Last Name

Photo from instagram.com

Photo from instagram.com

Zoe Saldana made waves earlier this June when she was interviewed for Instyle Magazine and shared that her husband Marco Perego decided to become Mr. Saldana.

Saldana stated in the interview that she tried to convince her husband otherwise due to backlash they could receive. Marco responded, “Ah, Zoe, I don’t give a (expletive).”

This is not incredibly shocking coming from the Saldanas, especially since Mrs. Saldana has always been a strong advocate for women empowerment. And in today’s day and age, why is this so shocking that it is making news headlines? As society progresses, shouldn’t this be just another option when you are getting married? Why must men feel emasculated?

The tradition for a woman to legally change her last name to her husband’s is almost expected. Nowadays, it’s also common for a woman to keep her last name, though it still may not always be an easy decision to break away from tradition. In spite of this, it is still rare to hear about a man taking his wife’s last name.

The Saldanas are not the only celebrity couple to make this decision. For example, Jay-Z legally became Shawn Knowles-Carter after his marriage to Beyonce. In the late 60s, John Lennon and Yoko Ono both took each other’s last names.

In 1969, Lennon said, “Yoko changed her name for me. I’ve changed mine for her. One for both, one for each other. She has a ring. I have a ring. It gives us nine O’s between us, which is good luck. Ten would not be good luck.”

As society progresses, the shapes of families are changing. Women are sometimes the sole breadwinners. Stay-at-home dads are also a concept that was not accepted in the past. It only makes sense that this change can slowly become a norm as well.

The tradition of changing one’s last name during marriage should be symbolically celebrating the union. Regardless of what last name the couple is most comfortable taking or not taking.

After Saldana’s interview was published and readers responded, Zoe Saldana says that she hopes she and Marco’s twin boys can learn from their decision. She also took to her Facebook to share this message to the world:

Photo from facebook.com

Photo from facebook.com

We agree, Zoe. Let’s let go of limitations and embrace progression.

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