Lean Cuisine’s New Message Says No to Scales, Yes to Girl Power

As summer swoops in, advertisements flood social media and TV screens calling for women to get that perfect “summer body.” Diets, workout routines, meal plans, and beach bodies drown us with unrealistic expectations.

But there’s one brand this June that breaks the rule. Lean Cuisine, a frozen food brand that is known for dieting, has officially said no to scales and yes to female empowerment with its #WeighThis campaign.

Lean Cuisine’s new campaign encourages women to forget about their physical weight. Instead, women are told to measure themselves based upon their accomplishments and life experiences.

The branded video begins by asking the women, of varying ethnicities and backgrounds, to approach a single scale in an empty room. This set-up gets mixed reactions from the women as they stand awkwardly next to the scale. Once the woman speaking off-camera says, “I’m not going to weigh you,” the women visibly relax.

MThis is where the video shifts dramatically. Each woman then presents an object, child, or person that she treasures. This ranges from a single mother who brings in her Dean’s List certificate, to a woman who lifts weights and proudly states, “I feel empowered.”

Once the objects are weighed, we are given the powerful message: our accomplishments and stories that make us who we are. And these people and things can’t be measured like our bodies can.

“It’s not what you weigh that matters. It’s what you do,” Lean Cuisine says. We agree with this, as we hear emotional stories of success and loss from these women. Their stories are our stories. We do what they do, and therefore we matter too.

Female empowerment is a new and growing trend in advertisements as companies like Lean Cuisine distance themselves from selling harmful messages about the female body. Corporations like Dove, Pandora, and the Superbowl’s #LikeAGirl ad have also been incredibly influential, the #LikeAGirl ad possessing more than 65 million views online, according to Visible Measures’ True Reach metric.

Promoting women as individuals, women’s worth, and positive body images is in-style. We are gaining momentum in our new age of feminism as big corporations support women and work towards changing society’s view of the female body.

Lean Cuisine has found its unique riche in this growing trend by reminding us that our experiences are the important things. We are more than our physical appearances, which we are so harshly judged by and placed against an unattainable societal ideal. Female empowerment ads are the ones we will be remembering this summer, not the flat-stomach beach shots.

The company ends the commercial with: “We’re not about diet anymore. This is the new Lean Cuisine.”

Keep doing what you’re doing, Lean Cuisine.

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