Dear Future You: What Would You Write?


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Long ago are the days spent pouring my heart out in my diary. Once my little sister got her sticky fingers on mine and broke the lock, I vowed to never write in one again for fear of being teased, or worse, outed. Fast forward to my high school years when the internet was starting to catch on among youth and enter the phase of websites that housed online diaries. I thought this was a safer bet. Now looking back, I would have told myself to forget an online diary altogether thanks to the threat of hackers and breaches we experience today.


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For the most part, I would write thoughts/feelings/actions I wanted to look back on and remember as time passed. Like the time I vowed to find a new job because the current one was not going so well – a year passed and I looked back to see I obtained that goal in a quicker timeframe than I anticipated. Or the time my childhood girlfriend and I had a falling out, and boy, did I pour my heart out about that one. Several years passed and when we reconnected, I was able to look back and see how far we progressed.

Recently I discovered FutureMe, a website that allows you to write a letter to your future self or anyone else for that matter. The form allows for a subject, the content of your letter, a date you select for delivery, the option to make the letter private or public (but anonymous) on the website and the ability to include a picture. FutureMe proudly boasts that “more than 3,796,000 letters written to the future.” Aside from writing a letter, you can also view recently delivered letters that have been elected as public.


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This particular time of year is filled with momentous occasions: graduations, weddings, summer vacations, etc. Writing a letter to your future self, or anyone involved in these memories, would be a great way to not only document the experience, but look back on how you felt at the time and assess your life at the current moment.


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