5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Online Image

Whether potential employers acknowledge it or not, their hiring judgements aren’t based on merits alone. We live in an increasingly visual world, and we are programmed to make decisions based on whether or not a candidate’s appearance fits the part, too. In fact, studies show that it can take as little as thirty seconds to discern whether or not someone is a fit for a company—and that’s if employer gets to see the candidate in person.

But before you start shopping for new clothes for your next interview, first check to see if your LinkedIn photo, or any photo associated with your resume, is reinforcing the image you want to portray. When hiring manager—or people you’re trying to do business with—skim through your resume online, judgements take place even faster than thirty seconds. And a blurry selfie taken in your fluorescent-lit office, or a cropped image of you at a party from three years ago, might not be the kind of impression you’re trying to make, even if you look great.

I mean, really, which picture makes a better impression?


Is it the one where I cut out my friends at a fall outdoor party? Or is it the one where I look like I’m dressed for the job I want.

Below are some tips to create your best professional image:

1. Find your match: Portrait shooting is more than snapping a shot—it’s also the ability to bring out the subject’s personality. Find a photographer who clearly has experience in bringing out the best in people. If he or she has good rapport, bonus!

2. Sync with your job: An attorney is going to want to convey a different tone compared to a software salesperson, and a software salesperson is going to want to convey a different personality than a nutritionist. When you’re choosing a photographer, make you convey the type of tone you want to set.

3. Dress for the position: Even if a “head shot” is just your head—dress the part from hair to shoes. It will give you more confidence during your shoot, allowing you to better envision yourself in the job you want.

4. Keep it updated: Asides from just fashion, a lot can happen in five years—so keep your photo timely.

5. Remember consistency: Make sure all (or most) of your social media profiles have a similar picture, adding an extra notch of professionalism to your online presence.

Whether you’re job hunting, trying to sell a product, or just get a promotion, your picture is your brand image. Forget the “a thousand words.” When you find the right portrait photographer, you can almost say everything.

Find your local photographer, and book your next portrait session today.

This post was originally featured on Kandid.ly’s Blog. 

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