Your iPhone Will Soon Have Reproductive Tracking


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In addition to metrics such as calorie intake, weight and heart rate, Apple announced on Monday that when the iOS9 update deploys this fall, women will now be able to utilize the Health app for reproductive tracking. Just what they mean by “reproductive tracking” has yet to be solidified, so many are wondering if this means tracking menstrual cycles, ovulation timing, even pregnancy.


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When Apple rolled out a Health app update in iOS8.2, they received ample criticism for not including reproductive tracking at that time due to the fact that this would benefit 50% of their audience. Many women track these occurrences on their own when monitoring our bodies, so this update will be beneficial, and hopefully one less thing on our plate.

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If you are unfamiliar with that pink heart that is the Health app or rarely make a visit, now is the time to become friends. It is a good way to monitor your health and fitness data, and coming this fall, your monthly cycles. Thank you Apple for recognizing the importance of tracking this information for the ladies, even though it may seem a menial task to others.


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