Sex in the City: Oh the Business Lessons I Learned


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You can learn a lot from the shows you watch and one of the most popular and beloved shows ever, (especially by women) is Sex in the City.
Yes it mostly dealt with love, sex, friendship and being in New York City, but in those lessons of how to get him going, how to make life great and learning what real friends are for, there are some business lessons that go long a way in helping to shape the ideas about how to get the most and give the most in your career.

Here are some lessons to consider.

Be Powerful and Important

If you have to give the illusion (sometimes) that you are something you aren’t and that is okay, then you should do that. You are not lying, but you are letting them see what you know you can be. When you are just starting out, it takes a lot to get people to invest in and take you seriously. Carry yourself like you are powerful and important and you will be.

Don’t Move So Fast

Sometimes you want to move fast on a client before someone else gets the account, but you should think twice to make sure you can handle it AND that it is something that you want. If you move without paying attention to certain things, you can get in over your head.

Birds of a Feather

Like Miranda and Steve, being on the same level with someone you might go into business with is a plus. While it is important to find people you can show your talents to, they should at least have the same level vision because if you are thinking Madison Square and they are okay with a community center, it could pose a problem.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

This is a big one. Don’t overlook red signs because you want to keep a client or because you don’t want to deal with conflict. Like Carrie when her high school sweetheart visits her only because he is in town to check himself into a mental facility, you need to be aware of the actions, intentions and habits of the people you work with or work for.

You probably would have never thought that you’d get business advice from the ladies of Sex in the City, what they went through are great lessons not just in love, but in life.

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